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Welcome to my website!

Music has the power to change the world, one soul at a time. I believe that whole-heartedly. Over the course of my life, I have found different ways that I enjoy creating music; whether it is to...

  • write and record music that is inspired,

  • help others write their own songs,

  • perform my music at various events or venues,

  • accompany groups or individuals,

  • be a part of a big production,

  • create music for meditation,

  • or to use in a therapeutic way, such as for energy and sound healing. 

Starbear Woman is a Musician & Songwriter, Energy Intuitive, Sound Healer, Oracle & Tarot Reader, Accompanist, Shamanic Practitioner, Writer & Blogger by passion and an Administrator by practicality. On this site you can listen to original music of various styles, read the blog, or reach out to Ana for Piano Accompaniment, Creating & Recording Music, Recording Backing Tracks, Sound & Energy Healing,  Music & Video Editing, Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Readings, Shamanic Journeying & Soul Retrievals, and Spiritual Mentorship.

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