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Praise for Piano Accompaniment

“Ana is one of the most talented musicians I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is hardworking, professional, encouraging and an amazing human being. I love having her accompany me while singing as she’s reliable, and intuitive. I highly recommend hiring Ana. She’s the best.”

~ Christa Hanna (Singer) ~

Praise for "The Truth" Book

"I love how Ana writes. Her book captured me and made me want to keep reading to know what happened next. It fascinated me how I didn’t need an introduction, but how it just felt right to jump in. It's funny and well written, and her honesty and vulnerability are captivating, as well as her thirst for knowledge and truth. I believe this book is worth sharing with the world!"

~ Helen Ashton ~

Praise for Songwriting & Collaboration

"I possess numerous recordings by this talented singer, musician and songwriter.  They have given me many hours of enjoyment and inspiration. I have also attended her live performances, and have been amazed by her skill, and her versatility at playing many styles of music on a great variety of instruments. I was so impressed by her songwriting prowess that I approached Ana about composing music for lyrics I had written.  This resulted in several collaborations, and I am delighted with each and every piece.Her compositions are melodic, complex, and uplifting.  I look forward to hearing more inspired works from Ana."

~ Jody Martens (Traditional Healer)~

Praise for Sound & Energy Healing

"Of all the healing modalities Ana and I have explored together, the singing bowl session was my favorite.  She was able to help me connect to my ancestral roots, which fostered a real sense of belonging in this world. Ana is a great listener and very open to exploring any and all meditative, healing, or channeling experiences."

~ Helen Schellenberg ~

Praise for Tarot & Oracle Readings

"Ana is very intuitive, listens without judgment, strings together patterns and signs to see the big picture, and syncs up the synchronicities! From our first conversation, I could tell she had access to the answers I was looking for. She is funny and compassionate and I always feel like she gets me. She is not all love and light, but she is REAL and won't hesitate to tell you the truth. As a tarot reader with 33 years experience, (I cannot read for myself but Ana does a great job) I can tell she is the real deal and I highly recommend her services. Even if you're skeptical, why not try it?
I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised

~ Becky Satathite (Tarot Reader)~

Praise for Sound & Energy Healing

"Ana is an extremely skilled healer.  After receiving treatment, I felt the benefits immediately.  In addition to pain relief, her sound and intuitive healing sessions provide a profound spiritual experience that results in a sense of peace and deep relaxation, followed by a renewal of energy.  I highly recommend her services.  
5 out of 5."

~Jody Martens (Traditional Healer)~

Praise for Energy Healing, Tarot Reading & Spiritual Mentorship

“Ana is my go to person when I need some cleansing and/or need help with some direction in life. She has great skills in both Energy healing/cleansing and Tarot reading. She has often helped me in the past with my lower back pains & with her help it’s gone and I have been living pain free. She has also guided me through her Tarot readings which brought me some clarity in life. I have been going to her for some years now and can definitely say that she CAN help you. I believe in her skills 100%.”

~ Gurinder Singh Sidhu ~

Praise for Piano Accompaniment

"I really enjoyed having Ana Loewen as an accompanist in my voice studio for a year. She was a pleasure to work with. She is an accomplished pianist and accompanist who works well in the atmosphere of a vocal studio."

~Naomi Koch (Vocal Coach)~

Praise for Piano Accompaniment

“Ana is my first choice accompanist for recital and audition preparation and performance. She has always been well prepared and delightful to work with. I really appreciate her energy, strength and confidence, as well as encouragement along my musical journey.”

~ Chad Ruston (Singer) ~

Praise for Songwriting, Performance & Collaboration

"Ana is an incredibly special human. I have collaborated with her musically, spiritually and artistically for over 20 years. Her creativity and talent never ceases to amaze me and her musical prowess extends beyond her vocal and instrumental technical abilities. Collaborating with Ana is always exciting because she has a knack for unearthing the spirit within the project and releasing the beauty and spark within.  Her music is incredibly eclectic. You can hear sounds from all over the world, some of which are influenced by African rhythms, Celtic melodies, spiritual hymns and contemporary sounds like Paul Simon and the Wailin' Jennys just to name but a few. Her breadth of knowledge opens up all possibilities, definitely many of which I would not have discovered on my own. Her warmth and unique flare is transformative and I cherish our sessions together. Ultimately, you can feel her heart and soul flowing through her artistry. She is very dedicated to whatever she is working on and what is refreshing is that she honors the journey, takes risks and crafts an enriching experience. Her intuition and precision reminds me of water and how it flows unhindered, powerfully and magically. I am so thankful our paths crossed many years ago and I feel honored to have created so many beautiful things together.   "

~Elizabeth Jaremyn (Songwriter)~

Praise for Tarot & Oracle Readings

"Ana is a gifted reader with amazing accuracy and depth of insight.  

I have had numerous readings by Ana and she has helped me find clarity in my life. She is incredibly perceptive and intuitive, while also encouraging and uplifting. I always walk away from my readings feeling more inspired, motivated and confident. Sometimes I feel like she can read my mind and see what's going on in my life without me even telling her anything! I can confidentially recommend to anyone who wants a reading. It's a must do for anyone who believes in seeing a good reader of the cards."

~ Sara Fretz ~

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