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Make Music With Me...

*Do you want to record a song?
*Do you want help writing your own song or composition?
*Do you want me to write a song to your poem or lyrics?
*Do you need a backing track for your singing group?
*Do you need a video created or edited?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, contact me for a consultation and I will help you accomplish your musical goals!
My rate is $30-50/hour, depending on the nature of my involvement.

Thanks! Message sent.

See the examples below of what I have done for others...


Written by: Norah Jones

Sung by: Helen Ashton

Accompaniment by: Ana Loewen

Poem by: Elly Platt

Music Written & Performed by: Ana Loewen

Lyrics by: Jody Martens

Music Written by: Ana Loewen

Performed by: Ana Loewen & Jody Martens

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