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My name is Ana Rachel Loewen, and I was given the Cree name Wahpi Maskwasis in a Naming Ceremony, which translates to "Little White Bear". The "White" refers to the rainbow, and "Little Bear" refers to Ursa Minor, the Little Dipper. I created my own version of that name that would be easier for others to say, which is Starbear Woman. I identify with that name as much as my birth name, as I have undergone various Shamanic Initiations and challenging Soul Lessons that have brought me to where I am, and who I am now, which is actually the most authentic version of who I came here to be.


The logo I created encompasses the Little Dipper and Rainbow colours, as per my Cree name (and also to signify the 7 chakra system we all have in our bodies), as well as Metatron's Cube, which is one of the platonic solids that makes up the fabric of the universe, among many other significant meanings.


To me, life is about finding expression of the soul, and every piece of music I write, perform or sing in meditation or ceremony is just that. I hope that my music and other spiritual offerings can move, uplift and inspire soul expression in others.


I am a musician, composer and accompanist, and I have been playing instruments since I was 5 and have been writing music since I was 13. I can play a variety of instruments, such as trumpet, organ, recorder and some percussion, but my main instruments of choice are piano, harp and guitar. My music encompasses a variety of categories; instrumental & choral, sacred & secular, folk & contemporary, hymns & musical scores, personal & political, contemplative and meditative. I also enjoy using different kinds of instruments in my music, such as autoharp, kalimba, bodhran, ocarina, cajon, etc. so that each piece of music I write has its own unique sound. I also write hymns and choral pieces, and have written songs to the lyrics and poetry of friends.


I also sing, and have sung in various choirs over the years, including the Foothills Philharmonic Chorus and the Philharmonic Chorus Chamber Choir and Jazz Chorus, Da Capo Singers and Menno Singers. I was a chorus singer for the production of La Gioconda (2015) and La Traviata (2018), put on by the Calgary Concert Opera Company, and I was the harpist and a cast member in the Badlands Passion play (2023).


Between 1999-2003, I put on a variety of fundraising concerts of my compositions and I have been sharing my music at music festivals, coffee houses, weddings, funerals,  nursing homes, hospices, conferences and churches for many years. I submitted my first CD to the YTV Achievement Awards in 1999, and was a Semi-finalist, as judged by The Barenaked Ladies. While I was living in Uganda in 2000, I wrote over 100 songs on my Ugandan harp and am in the process of recording them all (and they can be found under "Inspired Songs").

I wrote the score for a musical about Anabaptist history
called The Shadows Of Grossmunster, and it was put on in
2007 in St. Jacobs, ON, which was well-received and all
shows sold out. In 2011, I recorded 4 albums of my piano
and guitar music, which is the best of my compositions
from 1995-2011. From 2016-present I have been
regularly writing and recording music as I feel inspired.

I most recently was the accompanist for the Foothills
Philharmonic Chorus
, the worship pianist at Altadore Church,
and the rehearsal pianist for Stratchona-Tweedsmuir
high school. With the turning tide and worldly events, I am
no longer doing those things, but as I still am a freelance musician,
and I continue to welcome opportunities to make music, as well as
provide choral accompaniment. I am also an experienced Video & Music Editor, and Creator of backing tracks, and welcome invitations to take on projects of that sort. I have been an administrator in various industries for over 10 years, and am currently looking for work. I am also a Sound and Energy Healer, and Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Reader, a Meditation Guide & Spiritual Mentor. 

I am a mother of three beautiful, gifted, intelligent and mind-blowingly intuitive children and currently live in Alberta, Canada.

Ana playing harp
Starbear Woman
Starbear Woman Logo
Ana at the piano
Ana's hands at the piano
Ana at the piano

Photo credits: (middle) Sherry Walford                           (bottom) Jan Fretz

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