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I am a Sound and Energy Healer, Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Reader, Shamanic Practitioner and Spiritual Mentor, which means I can assist you with Shamanic Journeying & Soul Retrievals, as well as getting in touch with your own intuition.

Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Readings

I use a combination of Tarot, Oracle & Astrological cards to help you gain clarity, receive encouragement and important messages from your guides, as well as have any questions answered that would be for your Highest Good. I see my readings as a collaborative effort between myself, your guides and the querent (you), to receive the most helpful truth that you need in that moment, and to help you gain trust in your own intuition. I do not do predictive readings, as timelines are always fluid, but can offer potential outcomes, based on decisions you might make, as well as a higher perspective of your current situation. Ultimately, you are responsible for what you do with the information provided.

My rates for readings are:

  • $20     (Quick Current Energy Check-in)

  • $50     (30 mins General Overview)

  • $100   (1 hour Deep Dive)

All readings can be done in person, via zoom or a video can be pre-recorded.

Soul Journeys, Retrievals & Guided Meditation

Soul Journeys & Retrievals are a way of deep-diving into your subconscious, and past lives if necessary, to heal traumas, remove blockages, retrieve lost soul fragments and learn more about yourself as a soul. For these services, I require that my clients already have done some shadow work first and are requiring assistance in areas they are perpetually stuck, or confused. I do not do Akashic Readings.

Guided Meditations are a way of helping you tap into your intuition, balance your chakras, connect more deeply with your Higher Self, the Earth & with your guides, and enter a state of deep relaxation and healing, and recharge.

My rates for journeys, retrievals, and guided meditation are:

  • $100  (1 session - 1 hour)

  • $175  (1 session - 2 hours)

  • $185  (2 sessions -1 hour each)

  • $250  (3 sessions - 1 hour each)

  • $450  (3 sessions - 2 hours each)

All services can be done in person or via zoom.

Spiritual Mentorship

As a Spiritual Mentor, I offer my services as a guide through the confusing and difficult waters of awakening and spiritual journeying. I will be a listening ear, a sounding board, and will provide different perspectives through channeling and intuitive readings which will help you to see the broader picture over time and space, as well as coach you in spiritual and shamanic practices for your own self-empowerment to become the most whole and authentic version of yourself. I will help you tap into your own intuition and form a connection with and learn to trust your Higher Self. My mission is to help you to know you are not alone by walking with you through these confusing times, to equip you by helping you understand your own spiritual gifts, and empower you to live the life you came here to live!

My rates for Spiritual Mentorship are:

  • $850     (1 month -  2 hours total per week)

  • $2,222  (3 months - 2 hours total per week)

  • $4,444  (6 months - 2 hours total per week)

  • $8,888  (1 year - 2 hours total per week)

All services include a free 20 mins consultation phone call, and can be done in person,
over the phone or via zoom.

Rosslyn Chapel Pillar

Want an intuitive reading, shamanic journey, soul retrieval, guided meditation or spiritual mentoring?

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    On my Youtube channel, I offer...

  •   Healing & Inspirational Music                   

  •   Guided Meditation Music                   

  •   Soulacle Readings & Inspired Messages 

Ana Rachel Loewen

Ana Rachel Loewen
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Starbear Woman Promotional Video

Being Understood
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Being Understood

Rosslyn Chapel Pillar

(Pillars are from the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. Photos are public domain)

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