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Tune Tales #2: Reservations

In honour of World Indigenous Peoples Day (June 21), I would like to share this song, another one that I wrote in collaboration with Jody Martens.

When Jody first told me she wanted to write a "rap song", I stiffened like a board. Nu uh. Not me. But then she presented the words to me, and read through them, and they were powerful. Then I felt uncomfortable writing a political song about First Nations issues (wondering, "do I have a right, being someone with no aboriginal roots?") but Jody (having aboriginal roots) assured me that it's always okay to be an ally. It wasn't long until I heard a chorus in my mind that could fit in between the verses, and then it somehow came together.

The process of making the song opened my eyes to a new genre of music (new for me!) that I could write, and I suppose, always wanted to write. But I was afraid. Music as a form of Activism. Protest songs. Music to change the world. Songs like "Get up, Stand up" by Bob Marley, "Give Peace a chance" by Plastic Ono Band (John Lennon), "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" by U2, "Ohio" by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and "Famine" by Sinead O'Connor, to name a very few. Could I do this? I suppose I could. And if I can, believe me, so can you.

So here is my first contribution to this genre of music, with the honest and impactful lyrics by Jody, and I hope you enjoy it. Please share with any friends who might appreciate this.

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