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When the Universe goes silent

We all go through periods in our lives when we feel completely alone. If you have religious or spiritual beliefs of some kind, you might feel abandoned by God, or your Higher Power, or your guides. You might be asking the same questions over and over, and just not getting the answer. Or any answer. You get crickets. Usually this happens when we go through our Dark Night of the Soul. But it can also happen when we feel the need for an answer the most.

It feels harsh. It feels cruel. It feels lonely, doesn't it? But sometimes the silence is the answer, and sometimes it means wait. But bear with me here, what if part of your soul journey, your life path, is to learn how to trust yourself? To use your intuition? Sometimes we really need to learn how to feel out the answer for ourselves without outside guidance. Well, what's the point of having Higher Guidance then, you ask? Believe me, I have asked that same question myself. But they are still there, watching and waiting, hoping you will make the right choices that are most aligned with your path. It's not dissimilar to, say, a parent that allows their child (who is just old enough) to walk to school alone for the first time, but who stealthily watches from afar (from behind bushes with binoculars perhaps, or in their car driving a ninja distance away), to make sure their child looks both ways before crossing the road, and doesn't accept candy from strangers, or doesn't pick up gum from the ground and chew it (What? I never did that. Stop looking at me like that!)

Obviously if your child was in any serious danger, you would swoop in to rescue. But otherwise, if you want them to truly learn independence, and see if they really know what they are doing, you watch from a distance. This is a metaphor, of course, and our guides/Higher Guidance/angels don't always swoop in, even when we really hope they would. But when we talk about direct help and guidance, we still have Free Will, so if that guidance or help might affect our choices in a way that hinders our learning or our Free Will, we might not get it.

Other times, we do get the answer, or an answer, but it's garbled, scrambled or unclear. Or we might get 100% contradictory messages like night & day. Whether you get your advice from trusted friends, a counselor or advisor, a parent, your spouse, signs & synchronicities, your horoscope, tarot cards or directly from your Higher Guidance in dreams, prayer or in meditation, you might get 2 different options/answers, or more.

Sometimes that signifies that both choices/options are good or beneficial, but sometimes it just happens because as we progress on our spiritual journey/life path, we are spoon fed answers less and less, and have to learn to stand on our own two feet. We also have to trust that all the answers we need are already in our hearts. When the universe goes silent, or gives mixed messages, that is a gentle (or not so gentle) nudge to go within and listen to your heart, your gut, your intuition. Remember, you already know the answer. It also means that your Higher Guidance believes in you, that you will make the best choice for that situation. Or sometimes we just have to take a leap of faith, especially if the lesson you need to learn is to Trust, or to Have Faith.

In my own experience, I've noticed that the more awakened I become, the more I get contradictory advice from oracle readings or from other sources, as well as people, even from people who know what they are talking about and who I trust. I have been sent strange texts or messages from friends to be wary of a certain person, even though my intuition says that person is safe or trustworthy, and I was right. I have been given different (and/or opposing) advice from one lawyer to the next when I dealt with a legal matter. I was given an inspired message, by a friend, that confirmed a question I had, but then later that same friend told me she didn't think the message was true! I was told by an intuitive that many things I had learned during an intense phase of my intense spiritual journey was basically a lie (but interestingly while we were having a video call, there was an unusual amount of interference that made it very difficult to have the conversation, and interrupted the call twice). It seemed the more I sought answers and clarity, the less I got it, and the more rabbit holes I was thrown down. This is understood by some to be called Trickster Medicine (in short, to be tricked into learning your lessons quickly). I had experienced enough confusion that I went through a period of not trusting anyone or anything, and the only choice I had to stay sane was to trust myself. And BINGO! Turns out that was an area I was very weak in, trusting myself. So I continued on, feeling like I was stepping blindly, taking leaps of faith with every step or decision I made.....and yet strangely I felt equipped, protected and gently guided at the same time.

And eventually I found myself in The Flow; a state of just being connected with yourself and your Higher Guidance, and following your intuition and not resisting. Not questioning. Just Going with the Flow. When you get to the Flow state, you become calm, even in the midst of chaos and confusion.

The opposite of calmness is anxiety, and we don't do our best thinking or decision-making when we are anxious. It's also harder to focus on your intuition and inner thoughts with an anxiety-ridden monkey mind. Many things can and do cause anxiety, but lack of trust in yourself and Higher Guidance is certainly a big part of the problem! Being calm not only helps bring clarity to decisions, it also helps you when in dangerous or difficult situations. Being calm when nearly losing control of my car on a few occasions certainly helped me keep it under control. Being calm when my kids injure themselves and are bleeding helps them to feel relaxed. Being calm when it seemed my world was falling apart around me, knowing that the moment will pass, helped me get through it without doing anything I regret. There is never a time when panic is a better option than calmness. And lastly, being calm gives clarity on what the Next Right Thing to do is (to quote Anna from FROZEN 2).

Speaking of FROZEN 2, that scene really spoke to me, where Anna doesn't know what to do next, and there are no obvious answers, so she just focuses on The Next Right Thing. That is quite simply the best way to put it. The future is uncertain and is not written in stone and we can't always plan 3 (or 4 or 5) steps ahead. So when you feel the Universe has gone silent on you, trust yourself when there is nothing else to trust, and simply ask yourself what the next right thing to do is. Spend some time in meditation or prayer or silence or with a journal, and just wait for the answer. I assure you it will come. Maybe not in that moment, but if you genuinely want to do what's best and whatever is for the greatest good of all involved, I can assure you that you will simply know in the moment. Just listen and trust.

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