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Everyone and their Dog has a Blog

Why start a blog when everyone and their dog has one? Simple. We need bloggers just as much as we need authors, artists, musicians, poets, screenwriters and clean comedians who don't feel they need to resort to making fun of everyone. We need people to voice the things we are all already thinking, but perhaps didn't know how to say it. And by doing that, we all realize we are not alone in the world. We realize we are all not as different as we previously thought. We experience a unity, a oneness. So, the more people we have bringing others together in these various ways, the better.

Studies have shown that when people sing in a choir, eventually all their hearts beat at the same time. There is a synchronicity, a unified rhythm that is created in all joining together for the same purpose. In 1993, 4,000 people meditated on lowering the crime rate in Washington, DC, over the course of 2 months, and the crime rate dropped by 23%! There is a lot of evidence to show that the more we feel unified in a shared purpose, or shared belief, or shared vision, or shared love, the greater the synchronicity and the more great things we can achieve! But the point is to get people feeling more alike, than different. While there are over 7 billion people on this planet (yes, that's what the population is now), it is easy to feel isolated, overwhelmed, alienated and completely alone (ironically!).

So. Start your blog! Or write that book. Record that song. Make that speech. Share the truths you feel in your heart, and others will follow. When one wolf (or dog) starts howling, others can't help but join in. Same for people, especially when the purpose ultimately makes the world a better place.

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