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Post-Election Poem

The following is a poem I wrote a few months ago after the election in Alberta. I was having trouble sleeping and coming down with something nasty. And my mind was racing. I couldn't seem to sleep until I wrote this down. I wanted to share it on here, because it's still relevant, frankly.

I’ve been up since 2am and I still cannot sleep. It has turned my thoughts poetic and pretentiously deep. Is it the election? Is it my cold? Is it unrealized dreams that have made me so bold?

The hope that the marginalized would be treated like they mattered; Thanks to Power and Greed, that has all but been shattered; The blueprints to Sustainability have all but been tattered; The painstaking attempts for Equal Rights fairly battered;

But should we listen to the Old Ones, the Wise Ones, the Kind Ones, The voices of those who remember better ways… And also the Young Ones, the Honest Ones, the Innocent Ones, There is still hope for peaceful, loving days.

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