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The Hero/Fool's Journey: Part 8 (The Moon, The Sun & Judgement)

Welcome to Part 8 of "The Hero/Fool's Journey"! To recap, the Hero/Fool came to a breaking point, experienced a positive twist of fate after an unwanted, unexpected or uncomfortable disruption, and moved forward cautiously with Fear & Trepidation.

18. The Moon

What does The Moon have to tell us? What does it mean to get The Moon card?

The night is darkest before the dawn. The Moon is simply the unknown. The Moon card is often feared, as some see it as implying secrets, lies and deceipt. It is neither good, nor bad, just unknown, as of yet. The Moon tells us to be okay with not knowing. But she also reminds us that a part of us already knows, if we tapped into our intuition. The Moon cleanses us and helps us sort out what we know and what we don't, what we need to know, and what we don't. If you remember the Death card from Part 6, you will see the pillars that were in the distance in that card (middle card). The Hero/Fool is much closer to those pillars now, which means he is still walking in the right direction, even if he doubted it sometimes. Like being in a floatation tank (see card 3), we must put ourselves in a position to reconnect with our inner knowing, or what we already know from the past. The answers will not be provided outside of ourselves, but rather from within. Or sometimes we are simply not allowed to know. Just remember that after the moon...comes the sun.


19. The Sun

What does The Sun have to tell us? What does it mean to get The Sun card? (**Ironically, this picture ended up being the darkest of all the card pictures, no matter how many times I took the photo, despite being the brightest and happiest card of the deck**)

Shedding light on all that was dark. Questions finally answered. Everything is made clear for the Hero/Fool. Finally stepping out of the dark night into an awareness that pure love and light was always there. Through the entire journey, whether it felt like it or not, love was always with us and within us. While the Moon cleanses, the Sun purifies. Again, the Hero/Fool is invited to reclaim his childhood innocence and wonder (see middle card), and he is in a space where he feels safe to do that. He feels safe to be child-like and naked in who he is. The Hero/Fool gets to enjoy a time of absolute security, abundance and happiness. Dreams fulfilled. But how we are during the Sun times also matters, too, as the Sun is not the end. The Sun means we are happy, but is also asks us, have we learned our lessons?

IN BETWEEN CONCEPT THAT CONNECTS THE SUN TO JUDGEMENT: Awakening of the angels. Time to look at the lessons we have learned.

20. Judgement

What does Judgement have to tell us? What does it mean to get the Judgement card? **NOTE: In the GOOD TAROT deck (left card), Baron-Reid uses the word "Call" instead of the traditional "Judgement". Read on to find out why...

Being stripped bare, naked and vulnerable for all the Divine to see. The Final Refinement. If the entire Hero/Fool's Journey was the process of making a diamond, this would be the final pressurization process. The Final Purge. The rough places are made smooth, the dirty made clean, the tarnished made shiny. Judgement looks at our soul in its purest form, without the body or material gains or worldly successes. Judgement asks the Hero/Fool, have you achieved your Spiritual Goal? Have you claimed your Star? If not, we are required to let go of that last thing we are clinging on to. Judgement invites us to recall all the lessons we learned along the Hero/Fool's Journey to show if we are ready to move on to Heaven or to Ascend. With Judgement, we are made to see ourselves and our progress exactly as it is. It is our Final Awakening, a Wake Up Call. Judgement is the Final Roll Call: Are you ready to show up and take your part?


To be continued in "THE HERO/FOOL'S JOURNEY: PART 9 (The World...right back to The Fool)" .......

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