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The Hero/Fool's Journey: Part 7 (The Devil, The Tower & The Star)

Welcome to Part 7 of "The Hero/Fool's Journey"! (I see now that I put the pictures above in the wrong order. No matter...) To recap, the Hero/Fool has learned how to Release his Ego, has felt a Renewal of Purpose, only to be immediately followed by the temptation to taste the forbidden fruit.

15. The Devil

What does The Devil have to tell us? What does it mean to get The Devil card?

**NOTE: In the GOOD TAROT deck (left card), Baron-Reid uses the word "Temptation" instead of the traditional "Devil". Read on to find out why...

Sometimes the Hero/Fool gets impatient and wants to find a quicker way to get to their goal. Or easier. Or perhaps he becomes so disillusioned by it not happening precisely when he wanted it to, that he turns to other pleasures. He attaches his happiness to things outside of himself; Sex, drugs, materialism, success, fame, fortune, etc. Whatever it is, he has allowed it to go on long enough so as to become toxic for him. Once the Hero/Fool gave in to temptation and took from the "Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil" (as shown in the In Between Temperance card from Part 6 and also in the 3rd Devil card above), the Devil encourages the Hero/Fool to build a false idol around the Tree, a false foundation. A dependence or attachment that helps the Hero/Fool feel that he has control. If we are not careful, that attachment can take over our lives. But everyday we have a choice. The longer we add bricks to that False Tower, the taller it gets, and becomes harder to climb down. Eventually the we might become overwhelmed by the False Tower that we built.


16. The Tower

What does The Tower have to tell us? What does it mean to get The Tower card?

Like the Tower of Babel, built on false idols/ideas/ego, the Divine will strike it down if it gets too high. The Tower rescues the Hero/Fool from himself. He is forced into a situation so uncomfortable that he finally sees how destructive it is, and either leaves the situation on his own or is forced to leave. The Tower gives the Hero/Fool no choice but to leave, otherwise he will get burned. As uncomfortable as it may be, you are shoved back on to your Soul's Journey path, back towards the Star (the same Star we see on the Chariot, the Hermit and the Death cards). We see glimpses of Aquarius, the sign of the Star card, a New Dawn, a New Hope. This is Divine Intervention.

IN BETWEEN CONCEPT THAT CONNECTS THE TOWER TO THE STAR: A positive twist of fate after experiencing an unwanted, unexpected or uncomfortable disruption.

17. The Star

What does The Star have to tell us? What does it mean to get The Star card?

Tower moments often require a lot of healing afterwards. The Hero/Fool needs time to recover from the trauma or damage that the Devil and Tower situation created. Having been removed so abruptly from a toxic situation and lovingly guided back onto his path, the Hero/Fool sees the Star more clearly. It is closer now and seems more within reach than before. Just like Temperance, balance is being regained again and healing is happening. The Star card also suggests that we are given unseen guidance (see third card), other-worldly beings or ancestor spirits who help us with our healing and join us on the journey. Once again we adjust and reassess and release what no longer serves us. We empty the cups that are too full, or fill the cups that are too empty. We remember what inspired us in the first place when we first took that leap of faith off the cliff. But just when we feel we need answers the most, we likely won't get them, and we have to be okay with that in order to continue on the journey. This can create fear and anxiety.


To be continued in "THE HERO/FOOL'S JOURNEY: PART 8 (The Moon, The Sun & Judgement)" .......

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